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Tim O'Neil

Dive into the riveting world of "Auletes," where ancient Egypt's enigma unfolds in a breathtaking symphony of power and passion. Witness the intoxicating allure of Ptolemy's Palace, where fire dancers and magic paint a mesmerizing backdrop. Amidst revelry and romance, Cleopatra emerges as a central figure, navigating treacherous intrigue and the burdens of leadership. As Rome's influence casts its shadow, Cleopatra's journey unveils love, deception, and political upheaval, culminating in an electrifying crescendo where she ascends the throne, ushering in a new era for Egypt. Experience history's enigmatic tapestry come alive in this captivating saga of "Auletes"
"Queen of the Nile: Auletes" 
Uncover Egypt's Enigma in a Symphony of Power and Passion