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Queen Of The Nile


Ptolemy: The Flawed Sovereign
Intriguing and enigmatic, Ptolemy, the self-indulgent Pharaoh, is a paradox of power and pleasure. His whimsical demeanor belies a deeper awareness of his own human frailties, and his journey towards understanding the consequences of his actions shapes the tale's evolution. Despite his shortcomings, he makes a significant decision for Egypt's future by naming Cleopatra as his successor.

Cleopatra: Blossoming Royalty
The young Cleopatra starts as a carefree soul, reveling in the pleasures of her father's realm. Her transformation into a leader unfolds gradually, propelled by her education as a Pharaoh. As she navigates a web of deceit and duplicity, Cleopatra grows into a multifaceted character, embodying the essence of those who surround her while maintaining her innate sympathy and depth.

Tryphaena: The Bookish Protector
Tryphaena, the eldest daughter, exudes a genuine innocence, often led astray by her trusting nature. Bookish and gentle, she stands as a protective figure for Cleopatra, yet struggles to escape the manipulative grasp of others.

Berenice: Ambitious Ambiguity
Berenice, the middle daughter, wears ambition as her armor. Cunning and driven, she employs deceit to achieve her goals, ultimately displaying a darker and more ruthless aspect of her character.

Nkosi: Visionary Advisor
Nkosi, an advisor to Ptolemy, possesses a broader perspective and an earnest desire for Egypt's prosperity. His love for Tryphaena threads through his guidance and actions.

Jabari: Deceptive Ally
Jabari, another advisor, masks his self-serving nature behind a facade of loyalty. Aligned with Berenice, his motives are shrouded in duplicity and cunning.

Pompey: The Alluring Manipulator
Pompey, a cunning Roman figure, seeks personal gains in both Rome and Egypt. Drawn to Cleopatra, he employs manipulation to further his own interests.


Embark on a musical odyssey through the enticing landscape of "Auletes," a tale woven with intrigue and power struggles. The overture swells, evoking a sense of grandeur and mystery. As the curtains rise on Ptolemy's Palace, a mesmerizing bacchanal unfurls, radiating with fire dancers, magic, and revelry. Ptolemy, a hedonistic Pharaoh, sings of his glorious reign, immersing the audience in the vibrant spectacle of ancient Egypt.

Meet Ptolemy's three daughters – Berenice, Tryphaena, and Cleopatra – as their distinct personalities unfold. Amidst the festivities, Ptolemy's love for his daughters resonates, but the impending choice of Cleopatra as his heir sparks tension and intrigue. As Cleopatra undergoes her transformation into a future Pharaoh, she navigates a world of deception and ambition, gradually uncovering Egypt's hidden challenges.

The stage transforms into a split scene, revealing the contrasting worlds of Tryphaena and Berenice. While Tryphaena's bookish nature clashes with Berenice's ruthless ambitions, their paths converge with a backdrop of palace politics and personal desires.

The narrative surges forward with Cleopatra's education, interwoven with the soulful song of "The Sands of Time." Ptolemy, Tryphaena, Berenice, Nkosi, and Jabari take turns as mentors, shaping Cleopatra's destiny and introducing her to the heart of Egypt.

As Rome's shadow looms, Ptolemy's extravagant partying meets the harsh realities of taxation, intertwining with Pompey's manipulations. Cleopatra's journey to Rome with Ptolemy unveils love, deception, and political gamesmanship, leading to a monumental act finale of introspection and self-realization.

In Act II, the Roman influence intensifies, and the delicate balance of power wavers. Cleopatra's transformation into a strong leader takes center stage as her alliance with Pompey unveils a game-changing dynamic. Amidst political turmoil and familial betrayals, Cleopatra faces challenges that forge her into the leader Egypt needs.

As Ptolemy's health declines, the Roman investors press Egypt for their dues, forcing Cleopatra to wield her newfound power and knowledge. The crescendo builds to a stunning conclusion, where Cleopatra assumes the throne and ushers in a new era for Egypt, a captivating and powerful conclusion that reverberates through time.

Experience the Grandeur and Intrigue of "Auletes," where history's mysteries come alive in a symphony of power, passion, and transformation.