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Queen of the Nile: Auletes
From a land and time of mystery and intrigue, comes a new narrative of a familiar story of one of the most recognizable names in all of history. Queen of the Nile: Auletes is the exciting first chapter in the life long saga of Cleopatra the Seventh, Philopator. This amazing journey begins with with her father, Ptolemy the XII, and his ambition to have his daughter Cleopatra ascend to the role of Pharaoh. However, the road to the crown is filled with deceit, betrayal, tragedy, & revenge. The fate of the nation lays in the hands of a madmen; but hope lies in his greatest creation! Based on a true story, Queen of the Nile: Auletes will have you sitting on the edge of your seat while being entertained by a lush musical score!
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Composer, Author, & Executive Producer Tim O'Neil
"Cleo" at 6
Alora C. O'Neil